First Post

So… my very first post on my very first blog.

Intimidating much?! I am very new to the blogger-sphere. I have always regarded the blogging world as intimidating. The blogs I’ve come across have been eloquent, poised and intelligent. Having been tormented with feelings of inadequacy since early childhood – school bullies were responsible for most of those – I battle to stand up straight, as it were, amongst people I see as more intelligent, more talented, (insert any other adjective here, really) than I am – even if only by my own perception.

I have been encouraged to write, by a number of people in my life, who clearly ascertain that I have something to say. And I do. I think. I would in no way compare the trials or tribulations I’ve endured through my life to those of anyone else. That being said, I believe that perhaps I do have something to say as a result of  the path I have, up to this point, travelled.

Where to start? The question I’ve been asking myself since this idea of writing began to germinate. (It seems only fitting that I’m doing all of this on a brand new MacBook and learning how to use it at the same time.)

If you don’t know it, the meaning of the name of my blog comes from the greek and means to do something with love, to put something of yourself into your work. The work I intend doing, is pouring my creative love into tangible items for other people. Making things that make other people smile, even.  A true altruist at heart, I would like this to, in some way, benefit someone else. I have a few things in mind and once they become more concrete… I’ll write about it.

Further to this, if anything looks weird please excuse me, I’m sure I’ll get the hang of things soon enough.

Thank you for reading.


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