The Slightly Braver Traveller…

Well! I got lost again today en route to school. Only an idiot, I know! Well I tried getting there by site only today and like I said before, everything looks the same! Was minor and at least I didn’t get lost on the metro! In fact, I embarked upon a solo mission to Galeries laFayette!

Wow, is all I can say. I knew from what friends have told me, that it is amazing but there really is nothing anyone can say to prepare you for the moment you actually walk into the place from the Metro (handy thing that, a metro stop that takes you to the doorstep!)
The magnificence of the atrium is truly awe inspiring but it cannot compare to the utterly astounding collection of shoes!
Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Dior, Burberry, Yves St Laurent, Melissa, Ugg… the list is almost endless. I did a silly little internal girl dance and just stood for a second!

The atrium
The atrium

The seemingly endless choice is really what gets your attention. There is just so much to look at. Almost every brand name you can think of and some you didn’t know existed.

My favourite place, however in that entire centre was the Louis Vuitton shop! I have never seen so many different kinds and in so many truly gorgeous colours!

Just look at all the pretty colours!
Just look at all the pretty colours!

I managed to sneak a photo but the guy next to me who was being more obvious about it got a stern talking to by the security guard. I was not about to go clicking away like the common tourist I am and risk that dressing down, so sadly, there are precious few photos.

No matter, there will be more photos of touristy–and hopefully not so touristy things–in the days to come.

Though Galeries laFayette was certainly one of the shopping world’s seven wonders, nothing could prepare me for the wonder that I was to encounter upon getting home!

My hostess has two granddaughters and if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times. I don’t want kids. However, if I were to have one, that kid would have to be FRENCH!

I have had the alphabet song, numbers in English and French, sung to me–simultaneously I might add–at the dinner table, repeatedly. I tried to keep up. Futile!

Emma is 7 and Noemmie is 3 (No-emmi ‘No’ pronounced like the French ‘Non’). Noemmie is one of the cutest and most delightful children I think I have ever met. Emma is older and therefore more reserved and cautious but once they realised they had a captive audience and more than that, could teach me something, they blossomed as only children can do! I have had some of the most fun I’ve ever had with kids in the last 3 hours over dinner. What a wonderful way to practice speaking and get pronunciation right! At one point I almost had tears running down my face as Noemmie was almost yelling: Jamias! Jamais! Jamais! (Never! Never! Never!) when told to eat her dessert, which had Fabienne responding to her in a litany of french phrases the only word of which I caught–because it was repeated so often during the dialogue–was fatigue (of course pronounced the french way: fat-ie-geh!) I was trying really hard not to laugh at the antics because when a child sees that it just entices them and I was not about to be responsible for creating havoc, albeit some of the most endearing havoc at that. Unlike a lot of children who simply misbehave because they get their way, Emma and Noemmie were quick to respond to Fabienne’s instructions to sit down, be quiet and finish up. They certainly know their place, like all well mannered children should do. This is probably one of the principle reasons I like them. Tonight was by far the most entertaining dinner in my four nights here!

Until next time, I have homework to do!

Thank you for reading.


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