Dreaming of Cape Town


So after having returned from Paris I have been looking for work and I have managed to find some. Contract finance work. When chasing your dreams it’s important to realise that you may have to do other things while you work at making your dreams come true. For me, finance is a means to an end. I am a ‘word-nerd’ and I want to be surrounded with the written word for a large part of my waking life. This is the realm in which my dreams reside.

Paris was just the first step in the journey of self discovery and also a culmination of sorts. I was finally able to prove to myself that I can do anything I apply myself to. Therein lies the key! Firstly, I have to believe in my own abilities, something which has never been easy for me, to make any kind of success out of what I am doing.
Having proven a lot to myself in Paris, it sparked in me a desire to make some of my other dreams come true. I may be doing this a bit late but let’s not forget that some amazing people have done some incredible things after the age of thirty five.

I have never put very much stock in the cookie cutter model of school-university-get married-buy house-have children-retire way of going about things, however let me just say that I am no free-spirited flower child who completely flouts convention either. I think it’s important to find the balance between the two extremes that most enables you to be the best version of yourself. That is what I set out to do all those months ago and that is why I undertook that journey. Some go to India, some to Mecca, some to Israel, I went to Paris.

When wandering the city streets of Paris it became quite clear to me that whilst I am perhaps not going to be a great writer, it is in this world that I want to spend my time and focus my energy and talents. I shall be doing a diploma in copy writing and the mere thought of doing so sends shivers up my spine, shivers of anticipation, of happiness and joy.
One thing I have realised about Durban is that there is no abundance of work to be had and so the next facet of my dream comes in the form of relocating to Cape Town.
I have spent a, not insignificant, amount of time on holiday in the Mother City and I have friends and family who currently reside there.

Recently Mr M and I jetted of to Ramfest in Cape Town where I was fortunate enough to see one of the bands that I absolutely adore! Ramfest is an alternative music festival and they brought out some heavy hitters like Biffy Clyro, Trivium, ISO, Foals and my personal favourites, Killswitch Engage. I like heavy music but most of the metal has very anti-theistic themes, which I don’t like. Killswitch Engage however, are different and they focus on a positive message with a definite Christian thread. I like that about them but I digress.

During this trip we got a feel for the city and it dawned on us pretty quickly that we would like to live there. Cape Town is a great example of a city where democracy works, where your taxes work for you and where the local government have not forgotten that they work for you. It’s refreshing how clean the city is and it’s a real testimony to the people who live in and around Cape Town.
There is a wealth of culture, music, art and performance art to experience. Boutiques filled to the rafters with vintage, quirky and whimsical apparel. A positively bountiful variety of fresh food and organic markets to delight and surprise your palate. What’s not to love? The winter? Luckily winter is my favourite season and having grown up in one of the countries windiest cities, the wind does not scare me.

So this is where we stand. Plans are afoot and dreams are starting to take form and shape from the nebulous ideas that lie in wait in the very centre of our hearts. The excitement that started before I left for Paris is extending past those glorious six weeks into a more tangible form of anticipation and excitement. I am looking forward to the next few months and years as we put plans into action. I also feel like Paris was just the beginning for me. A time and place and experience that sparked in me the desire to set my life alight and shake off the shackles of routine and mediocrity. We all have it in us to be great in a way that will leave a positive and lasting mark on the world around us and in the lives of those who we come into contact with.

There but by the Grace of God go I ~ John Bradford.

Thank you for reading.


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